A lot of people come to Park City in the winter to Ski, but have you ever thought that the fly fishing in the winter could be good? Let me answer that with the pictures below:

Let’s talk about some quick winter fly fishing tips:

What time is it best to fish during the winter?

In the winter I have had the best success during the warmest part of the day. There is usually a midge hatch around 1pm and it will usually last about an hour. The fishing before the hatch and after the hatch is the best.

What type of flies do we use?

In the winter you’ll see lots of fish softly rising, when you see this, I recommend putting on a small soft hackle, size 22-24 and swinging it. You’ll cast at an angle down river, tighten your line up and let it swing below you until it is all the way tight and no longer swinging. At this point start your cast over again. When you feel the fish take your fly, don’t try and set the hook (they have already set themselves).  Let them run with the line with a little tension and try and bring your tip up ever so lightly as you feed line towards the fish. Once the fish is on, and your tip is up at a 45-degree angle, then start to reel it in with consistent pressure.

I’m sure if your reading this you also have great techniques that work in the winter. Please share in the comments so we can all learn together.