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Half-Day Provo Float Trips

Explore The Provo River in a Hole New Way !!

Quick Details

Boat For 1-2 Anglers

Join our professional Utah fishing guides for a fantastic day of float fishing!

Experience the Lower Provo River like never before with our float trips. Floating, you gain several advantages as an angler. You’ll have the opportunity to explore miles of water instead of being confined to a single walk-in area. Fishing from our boats also offers a comfortable and accessible option for anglers with limited mobility, allowing them to fully enjoy the Lower Provo River’s magnificent fly fishing opportunities. During the summer months, you can cast large hoppers right up against the river bank, enticing aggressive strikes from the abundant trout. Nymph fishing is a year-round option that consistently produces catches from the boat, making it an excellent choice for beginners new to fly fishing. Expect to fish from the boat with occasional stops to wade fish, ensuring a well-rounded and exciting experience.

What to Expect

Discover the perfect vessel for navigating the intimate waters of the Provo River—the three-man Flycrafts, meticulously crafted boats designed specifically for smaller waterways like the Lower Provo. These boats strike the ideal balance, comfortably accommodating two anglers and a guide while remaining well-suited for the narrow river.

Our float trips are available whenever the river’s flow allows, typically starting in mid to late spring and extending through September. High water flows are ideal for floating and provide an opportunity to access areas of the river that are otherwise inaccessible to wade fishermen. During such times, fish tend to congregate in small current breaks. By floating, we’re able to reach all these areas despite the high flows.

Our professional Utah fishing guides welcome all anglers, whether you’re a visitor and want to experience some of Utahs best fly fishing, or a local seeking to experience your home river in a fresh way. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy an incredible day of float fishing with us.

What’s Included?

Fly rod and reel
Terminal tackle
Snacks and a cooler full of drinks