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Local Ice Fishing Tour

Bring the whole family, We provide a heated tent to stay warm and cozy!

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Come and enjoy Ice Fishing near Park City!

We offer a unique winter activity in Park City Utah. Tourists come from all over the country in the winter to ski Utah’s famous dry fluffy powder. As much fun as it is to Ski out here, it’s nice to give your legs a break. We encourage you to take a day off from skiing and experience an activity like Ice Fishing. Ice Fishing gives you an opportunity to connect with nature, and the great outdoors. Ice fishing is also a great activity for the entire family. Ice Fishing is a family-friendly activity. Let us give you and your family a memorable experience of Ice Fishing in Utah. On our local tour, we primarily guide on Rockport and Echo reservoir. Ice Fishing has really evolved over the last few years. The guides are all equipped with insulated tents with heaters, electric augers, and top-of-the-line fish finders. It’s as comfortable as sitting in your kitchen, and as interactive as playing a video game.

Where we fish

There are two awesome locations to fish that are near Park City. We like to take clients out to either Echo Reservoir or Rockport Reservoir. If you are planning to rent out our gear and go out on your own, there are numerous other locations that you can explore. We are more than happy to help you find the right location for you and your group, just give us a call!

What we offer

We offer guided ice fishing tour’s on local reservoirs, that are only 25-30 minutes outside of Park City, Utah. Our guides will have everything set up before you show up so when you start your tour you are comfortable and ready to fish. All of the equipment that we provide is excellent quality and all of the guides are passionate about Ice Fishing.

All gear and equipment are provided:
Ice Fishing Rods and Reels
Terminal Tackle
Insulated Ice Fishing Tent and Heater
✓ Fish Finder