Utah Fly Fishing – Guided Tours

One of the best outdoor activities in Utah is fly fishing because you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while learning how to fly fish from some of the best Utah fly fishing guides. Whether you have tried the sport before or it is your first time, fly fishing is a great outdoor activity for the whole family. Our Utah fly fishing guides have years of experience both professionally and personally fly fishing the waters of Utah. If you are looking for a year-round activity in Utah, fly fishing is your solution! While some people assume you cannot fly fish during winter, we are here to tell you that simply is not true! While temperatures are cold, all equipment and gear are waterproof and cold-weather approved. Visit Utah today and experience an outdoor adventure, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 



3 Reasons to Fly Fish In Utah


The Scenic Views

Utah Fly Fishing

Utah fly fishing offers explorers an outdoor adventure that is a 2-for-1 deal. If you love hiking and exploring the great outdoors, fly fishing gives you that and so much more. Our Utah flyfishing guides take our clients to remote waters to find the best fishing possible. Not only will you learn how to fly fish, but you will also get the opportunity to explore hidden parts of Utah that many visitors never know about. It is not uncommon to see different wildlife while fishing on these remote waters with our Utah fly fishing guides. Whether you choose to visit during the summer or winter, each season brings a different, beautiful view and a variety of wildlife roaming freely. You can participate in our Utah fly fishing adventures for either a half day or full day, depending on how long you want to be on the water! 

Guided Trips With Professionals

Utah Fly FishingUtah Pro Fly Fishing offers guided fishing trips in 3 major locations along the Provo River, Weber River, and Ogden River. Within these locations, each guide knows of secluded areas that have a higher volume of fish and are often much less crowded than other locations on these rivers. The great thing about guided fly fishing tours is that we supply all of the equipment necessary for the trip. You get the opportunity to learn the sport and enjoy a day on the water without purchasing any of the necessary gear. Utah Pro Fly Fishing provides each person with boots, waders, rods, reels, and flies. We also include drinks and snacks for our adventures, as staying hydrated and fueled is important when out on the water! 


Variety of Fish

Utah Fly Fishing

Utah has 28 different species of sport fish and depending on the time of year you visit and the specific river you are fly fishing on, you could catch a variety of these fish in just one outing. Listed below is a breakdown of the types of sport fish you could catch during your fly fishing excursion during each season: 

  • During Summer (June – August) –  This is the most active time of year to go fishing as you have a good chance of catching any of the following:
    • Brown Trout
    • Rainbow Trout
    • Cutthroat Trout
    • Mountain Whitefish
    • Tiger Trout
    • Splake
    • Arctic Grayling.
  • During Spring (March – May) – You can catch Rainbows and Brown trout during spring as temperatures are rising and blue-winged olives show the most activity in early March – May.  
  • During Fall (September – November) – Brown Trout and Brook Trout fill the waters and you are most likely to catch one or both of these species. 
  • During Winter (December – February) – During the cooler months, you can catch brown trout, rainbow trout, and rocky mountain whitefish. Trout feed year round which means you can always catch them in Utah waters no matter how low temperatures drop. 

Utah Fly Fishing Guides

Utah Pro Fly Fishing offers the best Utah fly fishing experience to all of our customers. No matter what time of year you visit Utah, we can offer you an exhilarating outdoor adventure. Our Utah fly fishing guides are some of the most experienced in the state and have been practicing the sport for decades. From teaching first time fly fishers to helping experience fishermen find the best spots, you will experience an unforgettable day on the water with our team. We have the best policy when it comes to our half day and full day fly fishing packages… no fish, no pay, no kidding!!