If you plan on fishing in Utah on the middle Provo River over the next few weeks, there are a couple things you need to know which should help improve your fishing success rate. The flows are slowly increasing and so your style of fishing should, too. I have noticed that during the winter, the fish will hang out in the deep holes where it is slow so they do not exert their energy. As the summer comes upon us they move to the rapids where there is plenty of oxygen. Right now, I have noticed the fish hanging on the side of the fast water on the seem so they don’t use a lot of energy but they still receive the nutrition that they need.  Below is a graph showing the increase in water flows over the past week. Over the next month it will continue to increase…the game will continue to change but focus on where the slow and fast water meet (the seems) and you will do just fine.

As far as what to use. We have seen a lot of Mother’s day Caddis down by Legacy Bridge.

When you are nymphing the best thing I have used is a size 16 Cased Caddis: instructions to tie it yourself can be found here at Charlie’s Fly Box, Inc.

(Cased Caddis)