Ever wanted to catch a Tiger Musky at Pineview on a fly rod? Now’s a good time to try your luck. I’ve been out for about four years trying to catch these. By no means was I out every day, but I’d usually put 2-3 full days a year on the water trying to hook and land my first Musky. I’ve had multiple hook ups and fights but just never seemed to be able to actually bring one in so I could claim to “catch” one on a fly rod. Yesterday the magic took place, and it was only after 5 minutes after getting on the water. It was unreal. I saw the dark object lurking in the shallows and wasn’t sure if it was a musky or just a tease…I threw at it anyway and he immediately  started following the fly but it stopped without a take once the retrieve landed back on the shoreline. I immediately threw another cast at him hoping to land a little beyond and a couple feet in front of his face, but I nearly landed on top of him, I thought he was going to spook but he went right for the fly and it was game on,  his biggest leap was about two feet out of the water. What a thrill. Thanks to my buddy Lane, we got some great photos.