Fall Fly Fishing Spawn

Fall Fly Fishing Spawn

It is officially fall in Utah!  The weather in Utah can be all over the map during fall time.  It can be raining one minute, snowing the next, and then the sun could be shining.  The picture above was taken during the fall spawn a few years ago.  This fish was a record breaking fish that one of our clients caught while on the river with us.  He caught it during the fall spawn which is an AMAZING time to fish.  The fish are getting hungrier and more active so that means they are biting the flies like crazy.  Brown trout is what we mostly fish for and October- December are when they tend to spawn.  Here are a few great reasons why to come fly fish during the fall spawn:

You can catch some aggressive Brown Trout that are getting ready to breed: 

The Brown Trout will eat a fly or a streamer that become an annoyance or that will get in their way of the area that they are going to breed in.  This means that it is a great time for you to go out and catch those record breaking fish.

The other kinds of trout that will sit behind the Brown trouts redd:

The Brown Trouts redd is the bed where the trout are laying their eggs and also mating.  This in another great reason why it is such a great time of the year to fish.  You will often find other kinds of trout that are feeding off of the eggs of the Brown trout.  These trout will go downstream and make themselves comfy while they wait for any of the eggs that don’t manage to slip in the cracks of the gravel redd.  

We Hope we convinced you to come out and fish with us this fall season.  Give us a call anytime or visit our website to book a trip out on the river.  If you would like to check the weather in Utah for your trip go here.


Fish on!