I received a great review via e-mail from John & Julie, fishing clients I took out two days ago, it’s a great read so I thought I’d share:
This year Julie and I planned to go fly fishing while on vacation out in Park City, Utah.  Since we are still novices, we hired a guide.  We chose Utah Pro Fly Fishing since we had a good experience fishing with them last year.
Our guide, Justin (UPFF) took us to the middle section of the Provo River, near Heber City, UT.  This section of river is reported to have an estimated 3,000 trout per mile.
Justin set us up with a tandem nymph bounce rig consisting of a strike indicator, several split shot weights, a Utah version of a green weenie (a black body with a semi-rigid bright green tail) and a zebra midge. Each fly was on its own section of tippet. After a few casts, Julie caught the first fish of the day. It was a brown trout about 9″ long. A few minutes later I caught a 6″ brown (a “fish stick”).
Justin made some adjustments to my weights and suggested I aim for a different part of the stream. A few minutes later, I had a strong hit. When the fish jumped we could see it was a nice size brown trout. After a few minutes of fighting, I landed the 16″ fish. He took the green weenie. This is the largest trout I have ever caught.
We each caught several more brown trout each of various size from 8″ – 10″ before we took a late lunch on the riverbank.
After lunch, we saw a few fish jumping so Justin set us up on dry flies for awhile.  We had no luck so we went back to the nymph rig.  Just before it was time to go, Julie hooked a nice rainbow (looked about 14″). As Julie was working it into position so Justin could get it into the net, it managed to slip off the fly.  Too bad, it was a nice looking fish.  (I did manage to get a short video before it got away).
The next day Julie and I tried fishing a different section of the middle Provo.  This is the first time we fished out here without a guide.  We used the same tandem bounce rig that Justin set up for us the previous day.  It looked like the best spots were taken so we hiked along the stream until we came to an area that looked promising.  Julie found a good spot with a nice eddy.  She caught a 8″ brown and a 10″ rainbow in a couple of hours.  I wasn’t having any luck so I moved downstream.  I caught a 6″ and 10″ brown in the next hour or so.  Then Julie hooked a good size trout. Unfortunately, by the time I got to her, the fish got away.
While we were pleased that we caught anything, we really came to appreciate the value of a good guide.
If anyone from the White Clay Fly Fishers ever gets out to the Park City area and they need a guide, we highly recommend Utah Pro Fly Fishing. Either Justin or Jerry are great Utah fly fishing guides.
Thanks, John and Julie for the great review!