Park City Home Magazine

Park City Home MagazineJustin, the owner of Utah Pro Fly Fishing, got the amazing opportunity to be interviewed for Park City Home Magazine.  In the interview they asked many questions about how he got the business started, fly fishing in the Park City Area, and many other things.  Read the full interview here. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do this.  A few of our favorite parts of the interview were:

Q: Can you be a good fly-fisherman and not have a reflective mind?

A: Isn’t the reflective mind what fly fishing is all about? My client Don Fierce says it best: “Trout take me to beautiful places.” 

Q: What does fly fishing teach you about the rest of life?

A: If you don’t know something and you want to learn it, put in the time, stay humble, keep at it, and one day you’ll master it.

Q: When not fishing, you most like to…

A: Enjoy family and friends.

It is a really good article so don’t miss out on reading it.  Call or visit our website anytime for any questions that you may have about fly Fishing. Fish on!