Gorgeous weather and great clients have made for some awesome park city fly fishing trips here recently for Utah Pro Fly Fishing. We’ve had a ton of different people from cool places with great stories to tell, come up and really get into the fish. The trout are hungry and willing to take a fly if the right meal is presented.  We’ll show you the right presentation so it makes its easy for you to catch fish.

Yesterday, I took the Kuerschner family down to the middle Provo to wet a line and have a good morning out on the river. The Kuerschners came from Wisconsin up to Park City, Ut on vacation. Jon, the dad, booked this trip to get his two sons, Wyatt and Jack, started on fly fishing and into some trout.  Our morning started with the always-scenic drive from Park City over to the lower Provo river and some good introduction time and the swapping of stories of similar interests.  After gearing up by the river, we waded across and up to a great seam and stretch of water. As I gave the boys a few tips on casting and getting a good drift, I hooked into a fish while messing around/demonstrating and knew then that the small grey sow bugs I had just tied on the bounce rig were going to be money. Jack stepped up and took the reins and soon began hooking into fish too. After a few small brownies had managed to shake the hook, we started catching some nice sized trout including this fish that Jack caught.

As we moved down from this stretch, we came across a small but quite deep hole that I had seen some nice sized fish pulled out of. I had Wyatt step up to get some good drifts through it. After the third or fourth cast we made into the spot, the indicator slowly went down as though the rig had been caught in some rocks. We all thought the line was under a rock so I told Wyatt to just give the line a tug to get it free. He gave that tug and I immediately saw a fish flash under the water, “Oh dang that’s not a rock, that’s a fish!” I said as a smile shot onto his face. What we first thought was a rock turned out to be this good looking brown trout.

The next good hole that we came across down river was a large tree that had fallen into the side of the river and had created a deep run just after the log and behind it. Jack cast the nymphs into the lower part of the hole and quickly hooked into a rainbow trout that thought he was a tarpon. This rainbow literally jumped every five seconds all the while shaking his head side-to-side dancing like a silver king trying to throw that hook. Unfortunately, the fish won and got away. After that little bow got off, I had Jack drift the top of the hole. Two casts and we were hooked up again, this time into a large hook jawed rainbow. The 17-inch rainbow shook and ran but ultimately found his way into my net. Here is Jack and his great looking Provo river rainbow trout.

Jack, Wyatt, and their dad Jon were a blast to take out and guide. Jack and Wyatt had never fly fished before but by the end of the morning they were fishing and casting like they had been doing it forever. Thanks again to the Kuerschners for coming out with UPFF, we’d love to have you out again.

-Aaron Watson