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Ogden Fly Fishing

I started fly fishing in Ogden when I went to school at Utah State up in Logan. I really enjoyed fishing the Ogden River because it is only 10 minutes from downtown Ogden and I rarely run into other fishermen. Once you drive through the canyon and pass Pineview Reservoir there is plenty of other fishing to do in the surrounding areas. They are all different rivers that drain into Pineview Reservoir.

Most of the fish you will catch in the Ogden River will be about 12-14 inch brown trout. The Ogden River is a great dry fly fishing and the nymphing up there is really good, too. I always use a standard size 16 prince nymph and trail a more specific fly behind.

And if your looking for a good place to stay, I have usually referred them to the Ogden Marriot and they seem to like it quite well.