Ice Fishing near Park City

Ice Fishing near Park City

Utah Ice Fishing is one of the only Ice Fishing outfitters in Utah.  We offer guided Ice Fishing tours or Ice Fishing Rentals if you don’t need or want a guide.  Ice Fishing is a great activity for all ages/ groups.  If you are needing a company outing or something fun to do with the family in the winter, ice fishing near Park City is a great option.  We take out all ages, including kids!  Our guides bring snacks and even hot chocolate for your trip to make sure everyone stays nice and warm.  We provide all of the gear needed for your guided trip, so all you need to do is pack up the family and bring them to the reservoir to have a great day of fishing.

Where we fish

There are two awesome locations to fish that are near Park City.  We like to take clients out to either Echo Reservoir or Rockport Reservoir.  If you are planning to rent out our gear and go out on your own, there are numerous other locations that you can explore.  We are more than happy to help you find the right location for you and your group, just give us a call!  

What we offer

We offer guided ice fishing trips or you can rent our gear!  We can take big groups out on our guided trips, so don’t worry about your group size!  We have two different ice fishing rental packages – you can check them out here.  Our guides are very professional and have been doing this for a long time. We can guarantee that you will have a great time Ice Fishing with us! Give us a call anytime at (435) 487-9288 or visit our websites if you are every interested in going out fishing with us!