Green Drakes and the Provo River

It is the perfect time for fishing right now.  Why you ask? It’s Green Drake Season!  This is like the Super Bowl for fishing. Not only are the flows down, but we are catching fish like crazy. When the Green Drakes hatch, the rivers are filled with active big fish chasing the big bugs.  Up here near Park City we are seeing more and more big fish everyday.  Right now we have been using the Dry Fly technique so we are catching fish right off the top of the river.  If haven’t experienced a big brown jump out of the water just to latch onto your dry fly, you need to come out and fish with us. We have had lots of customers coming out and catching their record of big fish. This “Super Bowl” of fishing only lasts a couple of weeks so hurry and book with us before it’s over.  We promise you’ll walk away with a lifetime of memories and if you want, some great fish to cook on the grill.