When a father and son go out to fly fish on the Lower Provo, fish aren’t the only thing they are after.  The thrill of the hunt, adrenaline, ego and pride all lay on the line.

Duke Sorensen and his boy, Dustin, took the day for what we mentioned above, but most importantly to build some good memories together days before Dustin will leave for a two-year LDS mission.

The day couldn’t have gone better.  Within no time, Dustin caught the first fish (although it wasn’t very big) and then his fish progressively got bigger. Some of the big fish Dustin had on broke the line.  Both Dustin and Duke landed a heaping amount of great sized fish and Duke made sure Dustin was well aware that he had caught the big fish of the day, which made them both chuckle (see photo below).

Time was almost up, but then, Dustin hooked onto a big one, and the ego and pride turned to Dustin once the fish was landed in the net. What a good sized rainbow (see photo below). Looks like everyone got what they were after, especially good memories that will last a lifetime.