Fly Fishing Near Sundance

Fly Fishing near SundanceFly Fishing Near Sundance is a great activity for the whole family if you are coming to Park City soon.  Our company fishes near Sundance on the Provo River.  This makes it so easy for you to either drive and meet us at the river, or we can even come and pick you up from the resort.  The Provo River has gorgeous views and even better fish.  We promise you will not be disappointed if you come out and fish with us.  Call us to make a reservation now!


Sundance Fly Fishing Experience

Fly Fishing Near Sundance

Did you Call and Book your stay at Sundance?  If so, great!  That is step one on coming to Park City to experience a great day on the river fishing.  Step two is to call Utah Pro Fly Fishing and book your Fly Fishing trip with us.  We have a couple great options when you book with us.  You can either schedule a Half day fishing trip or a Full Day fishing trip.  We highly recommend that Half day trip for any families with young children or beginner fishermen! The Half Day Fly Fishing trip runs 4 hours fishing time and the Full Day runs at 8 hours.  We have some of the most experienced guides who can make sure you have the best time of you life!  This is only a short explanation of what your Sundance Fly Fishing Experience would be, so make sure to try it out yourself!


Fly fishing near Sundance


So what are you waiting for?  Sundance is a great place to stay, and fly fishing is a great activity to do.  We can accommodate to many different types of groups including: corporate groups, families, bachelor/bachelorette parties, single person, etc! If you are looking for the best Fly Fishing near Sundance, you have came to the right place. Give us a call and we can book your trip today!