The fly fishing basics are what a beginner must learn in order to progress in the fly fishing realm.

Here are the fly fishing basics for dry fly:

  1. Keep a good rhythm back and forth with the slightly tilted to the right (if your right handed)
  2. Picture a clock to your right side now when you cast you should go no further forward than 10 o’clock and no further than 2 o’clock , thats the motion in the air you should swing your fly rod. It’s one of the fly fishing basics and will give you a good idea of how far back to go. Too many beginners cast way too far back (to 3 o’clock) and it messes with their whole groove.
  3. Remember that you have two cast to work on, your forward cast and your back cast. Each cast is the same, but opposite.
  4. Make sure that your line goes all the way back (watch it go back at first). When I started I would watch the line in the front and when I went to cast it back again, my timing was great, but when I brought it forward again I was not looking and I wouldn’t do so good. When I started watching my line go forward and back I dramatically improved my casting.  So try it out, watch your line go forward and back, making sure your tip stays at a 10 and 2 o’clock motion.

As always, have fun and end on a good note so you’ll want to cast more soon. If you’ll be in Utah fly fishing or specifically Park City fly fishing, try fishing the Provo River, you’ll be hooked by the majestic, mountain scenery.