Came across this great fly fishing article today, titled “Why I Fly Fish,” written by Henry Kanemoto. I know you’d enjoy it so I thought I’d share:


by Henry Kanamoto

I flyfish because it takes me into a place filled with cool flowing waters inhabited by beautiful irridescent creatures usually surrounded by a cathedral of green. It removes me from my usual work which is stressful, and hurried, and performed in darkened airconditioned rooms with artificial lighting. I can escape, if only for a short time, from emergencies and beepers and the rest of our high tech world. I can return to a more peaceful place, and in my mind to a much simpler time.

I am linked by tradition to the greats of flyfishing, Halford and Skues, Gordon and Wulff, and even back to the apostles, who Norman Maclean considered fishers of men. I am part of a tradition, which like a flowing river, joins me to the past, even as it carries me into the future. I have the benefit of their knowledge and I can learn from their writings. And their wisdom often extends beyond flyfishing into how to live a good life, and how to conduct yourself before other men and women.

Flyfishing is, for me, a metaphor for life itself. You set for yourself a code of conduct – upstream, dry fly only, to rising trout if you are a strict moralist. You resist temptation when the fish are feeding subsurface, or you may *sin* and fish to the nymphing trout,resolving next time do better.