Imagine yourself in the picture below, on the right side of the water, above the dead log, casting away to rising fish, BAM, Fish On!

Now we’re talking….total solace!

Maybe it’s because I’m a fly fishing guide or maybe it’s because I’m human. Either way, finding times for yourself and getting away from it all is a must in today’s society – it’s bread for the soul. As my client Don said in one of our conversations:

“Justin, you know why I love trout fishing so much?”

I said “why?”

Don replied and said “Because trout take you to beautiful places!”

Most of my clients get out and are astonished at the beautiful scenery we encounter while fly fishing. I’d like to think they go out to catch fish and become impressed with mother nature and that the fish they catch are just a bonus to the adventure. While guiding on the river we often time see the following animals which make the fly fishing adventure that much more memorable – Osprey (a bird that will dive and catch fish), Deer, Moose, Beavers, Muskrats, Sand Hill Cranes, River Otters, and so much more. But catching fish is also a big part of the experience and below are nice fish that have been caught this past week. Hope to get you out fishing with us soon!