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Swinging Soft Hackles by Steve Harvey

There are so many things that I love about fishing “softies.” Not only is the technique flat out productive 365 days of the year, this method teaches you how to read the currents of the river as you observe your line to know where your fly is. For me, the next best thing to a […]

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Brook Trout on the Lower Provo?

Yesterday, I guided a great fly fisherman, Jason Archibald, on the Lower Provo River. It was a great day, and many fish were caught. Some big, some small. Although the fish that has the greatest story from yesterday is not the 16-inch Rainbow or the many other large Rainbow Trout that got away. The greatest […]

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Fly Fishing Article – Why I Fly Fish

Came across this great fly fishing article today, titled “Why I Fly Fish,” written by Henry Kanemoto. I know you’d enjoy it so I thought I’d share: WHY I FLYFISH by Henry Kanamoto I flyfish because it takes me into a place filled with cool flowing waters inhabited by beautiful irridescent creatures usually surrounded by […]

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Fly Fishing Basics

The fly fishing basics are what a beginner must learn in order to progress in the fly fishing realm. Here are the fly fishing basics for dry fly: Keep a good rhythm back and forth with the slightly tilted to the right (if your right handed) Picture a clock to your right side now when you cast […]

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About Justin Harding

I’m Justin Harding – Fly Fishing guide/owner at Utah Pro Fly Fishing. I got married May 2011 to my beautiful wife. We live in Park City, Utah and love it here! I love being a Park City fly fishing guide. I started fly fishing when I was 12 years old. I’m currently 28 (2012), and […]

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If you already are a fly fisherman, then you know the importance of quality fly fishing flies and quality fly fishing boxes. I have compiled a list of all my favorite flies to use while fishing in Utah on the Provo River. Top 5 Favorite Provo River Flies (nymphs): Split Back PMD (photo courtesy of Solitude […]

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